An image can say a 1000 words. A video is just a collection of 100s or even 1000s of images. Video is where it all started for me, back in high school at the very earliest forms of digital media and everything was still shot on tapes ?. Editing was the not so simple task of plugging in a video camera into a VCR and then pressing play on the camera and play + record on the VCR and learning with trial and error about how much time to leave between cuts. Making humorous videos back then was much more difficult than today with all the social media and free editing apps out there. I shot & edited my first video short in 1997. First wedding in 2002. By 2010 I had shot, edited and produced over 250 videos. Now that number is over 1000 with over 250 weddings. Below is a small selection of my favorites from the past few years. Contact us for pricing.

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Erica & Jason

 Some of the funniest vows ever!

Mandy & Cain

Love, love and more love!

Megan & Zach

Got a special visit from some cows!

Kevonna & Robbie

 Gorgeous fall wedding! 

Hallie & Nathan


Caitlin & Kirby

Incredible on so many levels!

Swag Surfing!

Everybody’s surfing now!

Rachel & Daniel

Yes! We give a military discount too!

Kristina & Brent

New Year’s Eve wedding!

Lindsay & Michael

So much joy shared!

Keisha & Kenneth

Got some doves? Let them free!!

An Epic Toast

Want to give an epic toast? Set it to music!

Again, these are just a few samples of our wedding videos. Check out our blog for latest videos and posts and don’t forget to add us on your favorite social media platforms!

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