Main Character



Dear Friend,

This is the “Main Character” badge! I want to encourage you to remember that you are the main character of your own story. You have unique gifts and talents, and you are capable of making your own decisions and creating your own destiny. Don‘t let anyone yourself included convince you otherwise. You have the power to make your life into something extraordinary. Believe in yourself and never stop striving for greatness.

This badge is the perfect way to show off your unique personality and stand out from the crowd. With its bold and eye-catching design (hardy-har), this badge is sure to get you noticed! The purpose of this badge is not to be worn or to even be printed but to stamp your seal of approval that you are not a NPC and are in fact, a real life Main Character on the planet Earth.

However, we do encourage you to print this badge, turn it into art and show off the bright and vibrant colors that will make your outfit pop!  The bold font will make your message clear: you are the main character. Whether you‘re attending a party, a concert, or just want to show off your individuality, this badge is the perfect accessory. It‘s lightweight, durable, and made of highquality materials so it will last. Show the world who you are with thisMain Character badge!

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Seriously though, we all everyone to know they are loved, they are real and they are important. If you read this and this helped you in anyway, please purchase the image above, like and share as well. Every little bit helps myself and my daughter.