Category: Videos

Videography is where it all started for Shoeless Works! While we don’t advertise as much as we used to, we definitely still offer this service for both weddings and anything else! As a group Shoeless and crew have shot well over 250 weddings and well over 1000 total video jobs from plays and school events, to music videos, church promos, serious and comedy shorts, commercials, online content, corporate, and even large sporting events!

The short answer to “Can you shoot ____?” is YES!!

Pricing varies depending on the complexity of the job but email us with more information about your project for a quote!

Wedding videography is our bread and butter and all weddings are completely customizable but our packaging starts at $1499+tax and tops out at $3995+tax.

At Shoeless Works our mission for weddings is simple. We want to offer our clients the most footage, at the highest quality, with the fastest turnaround, at a low cost! This is not only true for our wedding projects but for all of other projects as well!

While we have hundreds of videos to share, below are a select few examples of some weddings we’ve shot recently! Click on the link then the text-link inside to take you to Youtube to watch the samples. If you a specific video link, email us!